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Training That Can Maximize Performance

Inspire Team-Wide Engagement Through Clear Expectations How to Win Your Employees' Hearts by Raising Their Standards You can’t hold someone[...]
How to Be a Better Manager with the 3 Ps of Accountability
Lead by example to help reshape the future of your employees By Hernani Alves:  As seen in Construction Magazine Predict[...]
Making a Resolution and Sticking to IT (No Really?)
Three tricks for achieving your New Year’s resolution withbalanced accountabilityBy Hernani Alves:  As seen in Professional Car Wash MagazineSetting a[...]
Giving Back to Honor Your Hard Work
Giving Back to Honor Your Hard Work People want to be part of something bigger than themselves During the holidays[...]
Carrot and Stick Does Not Work
Carrot and the Stick Does Not Work Boost performance and morale with words of affirmation over presents Your employees don’t[...]
Accountability = Love
Published in by Hernani Alves How to Transform into a Modern Leader That Others Will Love to Follow Love[...]
Feedback Is A Gift: Seek and Provide It
Published in in Hot Topics for Communication by Hernani Alves I’m a firm believer that feedback is a gift.[...]
Accountable Leadership
By Forward, a publication of the Financial Managers Society | 800-ASK-4 AS A LEADER, HOW SHOULD ONE THINK OF[...]
Maximize Your Business with the 3Ps of Balanced Accountability
A great leader loves their team similar to that of a parent loving their children. As a father, I hold[...]
Management Lessons Learned On a Driving Range
I took my daughter, Carmina, to the golf range for the first time when she was eight years-old. I was[...]
Superhero Mentality – Three Steps To Turn A Negative Into A Positive
Steve Young, the former NFL player and MVP of Super Bowl XXIX, threw 202 interceptions in his career. That’s 202[...]
Six Steps to Leadership Feedback
Learning to Win Hearts Want to reduce management struggles and boost your leadership? Get ready to be vulnerable. When we’re[...]
Three Expectations to Reduce Turnover: Create a Dream Team of Loyal Employees.
According to the Human Capital Institute, “Approximately seventy percent of new hires decide whether to stay or leave an organization[...]
Win Hearts and Loyalty by Making Your Team Greater Than Yourself
Harnessing the power of conscientious accountability is the only way to truly unlock to the potential of those you lead.[...]
Own It, See It, Change It: The 3-Step Plan for Personal and Professional Success
Success isn’t something that happens to you; it’s something you create. In the years during which I went from a part-time[...]
Winning with Accountability
Finding Success After Almost Getting Fired by Hernani Alves The path to success is rarely smooth, but in my case,[...]
Accountability = Love
“Love is loyalty, love is teamwork, love respects the dignity of the individual.” - Vince Lombardi, former NFL coach for[...]
Successful Accountability
Adversity Makes YOU Stronger Hard work and sacrifice have always been themes in my family’s story. My father emigrated from[...]
Changing The Perception of Accountability
As a kid, good work ethic didn’t come naturally to me. However, unlike many of my peers, my responsibilities had[...]

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