Giving Back

Helping Foster Kids

Balanced IQ is proud to partner with the Ticket to Dream Foundation to help foster kids just be kids. With over 400,000 children in foster care, Balanced IQ and Clients can help ensure foster youth have the support they need to thrive and the childhood memories that create hope for a better tomorrow.


Many Foster Kids enter foster care with little to no belongings of their own. These children have experienced enough fear and uncertainty and need our communities care.


Ticket to Dream Foundation’s goal is to get resources in the hands of foster youth across the nation. Find out how you can access essentials for your foster child or non-profit program.

Foster Care Stats

EVERY 2 MINUTES one child enters foster care

There are over 400,000 CHILDREN in foster care nationwide

Many foster youth enter care with NO BELONGINGS

Only 50% OF FOSTER YOUTH will graduate high school

1 IN 5 foster youth experience homelessness