About Hernani

Want Bottom Line Results while winning the hearts of your team?

Hernani Alves Is An Amazon Best Selling Author With over 20 years experience as a Sales Executive for a $3+ Billion Company. He has motivated Executives, Sales Professional, and teams throughout the United States.  

Some Notable Clients include:  Starbucks, Re/Max Gold, Stanford University, Capital Rivers Commercial, Genovese Burford Brothers Wealth, City of Palo Alto and more...

Hernani calls himself the "Chief Motivation Officer" because "If you're not motivating or inspiring others, you're not a leader."

Hernani knows how to build world-class teams and institute sustainable change in varying economic climates.

Adversity Makes You Stronger!

Born in Angola, Africa, Hernani's family was forced to leave due to the Angolan War, which killed over half a million people. His family lost their successful businesses overnight. Growing up, he witnessed his entrepreneurial family regroup and start another successful business in the Azores Islands and then yet again in the United States.

Hernani's first language is Portuguese, and he came to the United States when he was 8 and started his first business at 19, which sold four years later for 18 times his original investment.

All of Hernani's siblings are entrepreneurs, and the family knows how to create successful businesses, which always starts with the people you surround yourself with great people. Hernani resides with his wife Angie of nearly 20 years and two children in Sacramento, California.

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